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Mesin Terapi Elektrostatik

Product Introduction
The   high  potential   therapeutic   equipment   is   new   model  and   multi-function therapeutic equipment   that has   researched and developed by   centralizing the company's  massive  labors, materials  and  finances  and  by  adopting  the  up-to-date electronic technology, electromagnetic theory and modern physical medicine for three years. It integrates high/negative potential, optical, leading prong and heating function and comprehensively adjusts  and  balances  the  human  body  cell,  organization  and organ  system from  innards to  external body  as well  as helps person to  eliminate the pain and disease and maintain the young vitality. Meanwhile, not only it enables to care health  but  also nourish  body,  which  present  the  brand  new  conception  of  hi-tech, physical property, green and health.

Product Features
Possess   various  functions   such  as   high-voltage  alternative 
electrostatic  field, intermediate frequency 76KHz alternative
electric field and heat.
Possess indication tone of selecting key-press, therapy function and
therapy ending. High/negative  potential, two  gears for  high and
low optical.  The gears  can change the output voltage.
Unblock the meridian.
Three  gears in  heat such  as high,  middle and  low.  When the
temperature of  high gear in heat exceeds 65⁰C
heating power supply.
1⁰C, controlling device should be capable of turning off
Change different output jacks(for example, high/negative potential, optical and heat), it can carry out various therapies.
Adopt microchip  to control.  The performance  of therapeutic equipment is  stable, with low failure rate.
High  voltage generator  is manufactured  by special  process to ensure the  stability and safety of whole machine.
Adopt   the  double-wire   with  protective   tube  and  high voltage   separation  and protection device to ensure the safety of using.
Easy, direct-viewing operation.
The whole machine is equipped with perfect safety protection system, so the therapy process is safe and comfortable.
The structure of whole machine is rational, with generous shape.

Instruction Manual of The High Potential Therapeutic equipment
Adaptation disease
1.Osteoarthropathy: rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral apoplexy sequela, parenchyma contusion, pain in waist and lower extremities, scapulohumeral periarthritis, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, cervical spondylosis.
2.Hypertension diseases: hypertension, hyperlipemia, cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, and deficient blood supply of cardio-cerebral.
          a: feeble symptoms: feeling of fatigue, insomnia, poor memory power and attention.
          b. Sentiment symptoms: restlessness, nervousness and irritability
          c. Exaltation symptoms: easy to excite spiritually and increase recalling and association.
          d. Tonicity pain of muscle. e. Sleep disorder.

1) High potential: high-voltage alternative electrostatic field; three optional gears for high, medium and low potential; High (9000V),medium(6000V), low (3000V)
2) Optical: medium frequency 76KHz alternative electric field; one optional gears for high potential; High (1200V)
3) Negative potential: high-voltage DC electrostatic field, High (-9000V),medium(-6000V), low(-3000V) ,
4) Partial treatment :only avalible for High/Negative potential function. Do the whole body or  partial  therapy  .(  Suggest  :To  use  low  gear  for High/Negative  potential  at  the beginning .)
5) Timing function: 5-60 minutes; interval adjust per 5 mins.

Tempah Sekarang
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HARGA BIASA : RM 7000.00
Harga Istimewa Jualan RM6500.00
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